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You could've just hit insert to toggle the unread marks :-P.

Lotus Notes mail was pretty bad at a lot of things, but selecting multiple messages (toggle selection using space-bar) and unread marks (toggle on-of using insert) was way easier in Notes than in Outlook, which required multiple mouse interactions. Notes was far nicer to work with for a keyboard-centric user.

15 years ago, you could administer a Domino/Notes "groupware" environment with mail and applications for a sizable company with a team of 3 admins, while you would need three departments to keep a functionally comparable Microsoft-environment running... It was pretty BOFH friendly, and did a lot of things right when it came down to security, including encrypted communication and local storage (if enabled), workable offline synchronization, active-active clustering, as well as cryptographic key management. And you could just recover that single mail the CEO deleted from backup without having to set up a separate server on which to restore the complete mail store, which was the only way to get it done in some versions of exchange... A lot of high-profile targets (banks etc.) were using it for good reason.

So yeah, its mail implementation sucked golf balls through a garden hose and the cross-platform UI wasn't at home on any of the operating systems it supported. But it shined in places where the alternatives were a big pile of steaming crap.

That was 15 years ago, the rest of the world has caught up (thankfully), and Notes never really got away from all that legacy. Like COBOL, the companies using it right now won't be moving away from it easily as it means redeveloping a whole lot of stuff that works for them, while all the new stuff gets a different environment to live in.

Disclaimer: I've used Notes for more than just mail at the time, and it deserves more than the bad rap it gets for the mail app. Also: I've long moved on, and so should pretty much everyone else ;-).

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