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Chris Comley

Re: So, this is why I keep renting keyless cars

> rental com,pany gives me two keyfobs

Rented a car in the US which had two keys. Tied together by a length of steel cable.

I of course managed to lock them in the boot by failing to realise that (a) the boot can't be opened without the keys (b) having heavy armfuls of shopping. "This happens a lot" the hire care company said, charging me $50 to send a man over from their office with a third key.

The next day I did it again! Fortunatly this time the car roof was up (did I mention it was a ragtop) this meant I could get into the boot via the back seat and retrieve the keys.

That evening, I took a pair of stout wirecutters to the steel cable and thereafter, stored the spare key in the wife's handbag. Thus, of course, ensuring that I never again needed it as even *I* couldn't lock the keys in the boot a third time in two weeks.

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