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Chris Comley

Computers and cars

Sadly modern cars are full of computers but instead of going out and recruiting people with a few clues about programming computers, the car manufacturers seem by and large to have assigned the job to Dave from Paintwork in his spare time.

The utter lack of thought buggers belief. My 2015 Land Rover will not let me lock it if the bonnet isn't closed. If the bonnet IS closed, but the switch SAYS it isn't, you cannot lock it. If re-opening teh bonnet and giving it a good hard slam (Way less subtle an approach than one would expect for a modern £40k car) it will lock AND switch the switch. If it ever didn't, I would have to either sit in it whilst waiting for the JLR repair man to pitch up and fix it, take it *directly* to the dealers, or go home and sit in it, instead of going to a meeting. Now, if it had a "beep" to say "I know the bonnet isn't fully closed, you should check, but, i've locked myself ANYWAY so you can go to your meeting secure in the knowledge that bad lads can't get in to any part of the car except perhaps the bonnet" it would show a lot more "real world" thinking.

I have other examples, but, typing them all in would cause a loss of the will to live here, and possibly with the readers.

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