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The Mini Moke used the instruments from the standard Mini 850 (the donor vehicle that the Moke was made from), so that would be just as materialistic.

The original Mini had no winding windows (they slid horizontally), no inside door handle (you used a wire in the door pocket to open the door), and no ventilation apart from the windows. But even with all this minimalism, Ford could not work out how BMC/Austin-Morris made a profit on the Mini. Apparently, the secret is, they didn't!

The Moke, which was intended to compete with Beach Buggy VW Beetle conversions, was more hair shirt, however, because it did not even have doors, and the roof, if fitted, was more like an awning, with clear heavy duty polythene splash panels (you could not call them doors) to provide some protection from the elements, and nothing as sophisticated as a roll bar! Would not be allowed now.

IIRC, my Grandmothers Morris Minor 1000 had the same instrumentation, so Austin-Morris/BMC/BL got their use of standard parts. Not like today, where things change every year.

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