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Come on!

This is "Inner Space" the opening title track of GITS:SAC (Stand Aline Complex) 1st Gig, not the anime film (sadly Origa, the main singer, passed away a year or two ago).

The soundtrack for both SAC gigs (and Solid State Society) is absolutely excellent, but was written by Yoko Kanno, and not by Kenji Kawai (the composer of the original anime films - very atmospheric), or Clint Mansell (the live action film - very disappointing).

I have three Original Sound Track albums taken from SAC, and they're good to listen to as music, but they counterpoint the action of the anime perfectly (try watching "Grass Labyrinth – AFFECTION" Gig 2 ep. 11 and listening to "I do" sung by Ilaria Graziano - reprised in "To the Other Side of Paradise – THIS SIDE OF JUSTICE" ep 25, without feeling a little tearful).

IMHO, this is the finest anime TV series to have been dubbed into English ever.

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