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The good old days

I remember when I went straight from a COBOL analyst / programmer job to take on the admin and development of a Lotus Notes domain covering three countries. I was literally the only member of staff doing everything - admin, development, installs, user support, etc.

Went on to a major consultancy which had embraced notes, and used it as the backbone of business critical apps that their thousands of consultants could use on the road.

Eventually ended up at an insurer where we wrote a leading edge commercial insurance system that could do on-cover and MTA's all in a browser including all policy documentation. That was around 2000. The system was so good that when the insurer went bust, another one bought the system for £1m. Not bad for a few notes databases and some Java code.

In the right hands it could do amazing things. Sadly, there weren't many of the right hands around.

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