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It's better than a Dacia Sandero. Just...

Might have posted this before, so sorry for the repost. I'll not go into the hateful Dacia Sandero Stepway I got as a rental car in Germany.

But there used to be an issue in the UK with inadvertent jamming of car locking frequencies.

So Frankie and Benny's imported from the USA a load of 'your table is ready' pagers - you know the ones, look like a fat plastic beermat, full of red LED's and a vibrator. Buzz when your table is ready whilst you're sat at the bar.

Except because they imported them they weren't approved for UK use, and would broadcast pretty powerfully on 433Mhz - on exactly the same frequency that Peugeot used for their keyfobs.

Cue Peugeot parents parking up in F&B carparks with little Timmy excited for his overpriced party, and then looking surprised when they either couldn't lock or unlock their cars with the remote.

The local F&B to us was right next door to the cinema, and at the time I had a hateful Peugeot (I had 3 - I thought it was normal for your car to spend more time in the garage being repaired than on the road, until I got a lease car and realised I'd never buy a Peugeot again) and every time I parked at F&B I would struggle to lock the car. Even getting back in and driving it further away from F&B at the other side of the car park would usually remedy the situation. (No - I couldn't lock it using the key - they took the sodding door locks off the drivers side, and only 1 lock on the passenger side that didn't activate the central locking or the alarm. Dozy french designers)

And having had the misfortune to have to park outside a few different F&B's in different locations and having the exact same issue happen with the Peugeot, and then checking the frequency of their little mat things, it clicked as to what the issue was.

Once F&B got rumbled and replaced the dodgy LED mat things with UK frequency approved ones, it mysteriously stopped happening.

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