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Car trouble: Keyless and lockless is no match for brainless

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just like the range rover (1990 version that is)

Don't. Ever. Mention, Range Rover.

Worst 'car' .. well ok, 'Ford Transit Monster Truck with crap interior' ... that money can buy. You can drive down the M4 and guarantee that a light will come on. While you are asking second youngest child to go online and see what that means the light blinks, goes off and then another one comes on. Cue more children searching the RR online manual. "Dad, it says it needs servicing" says one. This less than 2 months after the bloody truck had been bought as new. More lights took it in turn to come on, flicker, go off and come back on again as more and more things started to fail, but we got as far as the Newbury services, stopped there, got a 'Range Rover Callout Service" ("third one today mate, must be a faulty batch") and never saw the truck again.

Thankfully git a no quibble full refund, but no 4x4/SUV/Truck or whatever you call them ever again for me. Once was enough.

(This from a now-former Tesla owner)

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