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For the win I nominate the hatch on a Porsche 944.

The hatch is big, heavy and flexible, which makes the opening very useful in carrying things unimaginable in any sedan. But getting it to lock and unlock reliably is another matter. My 86 944 Turbo had hatch shocks that were shot; I just used a plastic tube to prop it open when necessary. It would take 3 or 4 slams to get it locked. Only difficulty getting it open was once when it was frozen shut.

Replaced by a 90 944 S2 with working shocks -- magic! Until winter, when it would pop open 1 to 10 blocks after stowing the folding bike back in the hatch and heading home. After about a week or two of this I gave it a mighty slam when it popped open a little further on the way home. It refused to open at all after that.

This hatch has a button in front for an electric release. After a few years Porsche issued a TSB claiming that the button was never intended as a release. They couldn't make it work reliably and gave up.

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