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Re: You ended up with a Nissan Puke? Unlucky!

Drove one as a hire car. I can honestly say it's the only car I've ever driven that was as ugly from the inside as outside.

Shame as it was a very good vehicle otherwise.

You have not encountered a Pontiac Aztek or a Citroen 2CV. The Aztek won prizes for being the ugliest thing on the road in North America. The Citroen Two Horses was, back when I was in high school and first encountered the SI system of measurement, considered by my fellow students to be the official SI unit of ugliness. One citroen was considered to be the inverse of one helen, where one helen was sufficient to launch a thousand ships. One citroen would sink a thousand ships. An Aztek was, perhaps, 900 millicitroen, as the designers at GM weren't French and couldn't quite achieve that last little bit of True Ugly. This Nissan might make it all the way to 950 millicitroen.

Perhaps the citroen should be added to El Reg's official standards.

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