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Ahh Toyota keyless system. Do you know what a replacement key fob costs? I do and it's £280. I managed to obtain a new unprogrammed fob, cobble together the necessary software/leads and did the job myself for about half that cost. An interesting aside to this is that there is a guy up north in Leeds who can rest previously programmed fobs, something all the forums I've read say cannot be done (as do Toyota as well of course).

Interesting. Amazon says that replacement (not genuine Toyota) key fobs for Toyotas cost between $16 and $45, depending on the exact model. Genuine Toyota key fobs start at about $50. £280 is way over the top. Programming info is available online from numerous sources, mostly on YouTube.

What problem did you have why you needed a replacement key fob? If it was just giving you static about opening the door, the battery was going flat. I just replaced the battery in my Toyota key fob for $6..25 and less than five minutes with a flat-head screwdriver.

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