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My 2008 Ford Fusion Diesel Style insisted a door was open. I discovered that instead of cheap easily replaced "buttons" on the door frame that it has horribly expensive locks with the switch built in.

Except the hatch! It had a barely microswitch in a flimsy housing beside the lever/catch of the lock. A suitable size self tapping screw secured the cheap nasty switch in the correct place. You can hardly even see the recessed screw head in the cavity between hatch and lock mechanism. Seems a bizarre cost saving. I was relieved it wasn't a door lock.

Periodically it won't UNLOCK, except with the key in the lock. I ALWAYS check the door handle on locking in case someone is planning theft by running a jammer. My hearing is not great, so I don't always hear it lock.

While I'm at it, why is there a Bluetooth module behind passenger "glove compartment", BT menu on the radio but it can't hear a BT phone nor voice commands. Removing radio reveals that the mic pins have no wires. I tried electret and dynamic microphones. It behaves as if there is no microphone on internal voice command mode or BT paired (you can hear incoming call on radio, but can't talk back as BT pairing disables phone's internal microphone). Puzzling. Internet searches are not enlightening.

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