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I had a Fiat xri

We were unlucky enough to have had (for a short while) a Fiat Croma. It was essentially the same floor-plan as a Saab 9000 (the design was jointly done by Fiat and Saab).

I used to joke that we needed to drag a net behind the car at all times, in order to catch the bits that fell off. We then replaced it by something even more fragile (a Citroen XM) which was then replaced by a Rover Sterling (with the 2.7v6 Honda engine which was far too powerful for the car frame/suspension..)

I do seem to have picked some.. unfortunate examples of automotive engineering.

Current car is a Honda FR-V which (sadly) refuses to die, even though I want to replace it (t'missus is dead set against replacing something while it's still usable - which is probably why she has a Morris Minor).

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