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And the doors locking themselves while I'm driving? No way. I'd be servicing that. What happens if you roll the car and need to get out

On the few cars I've driven with the auto-lock feature, it was easily disabled. In the car I currently drive, it involves holding the manual lock/unlock switch (on the central console) down for a few seconds, whereupon a small beep informs you that something has changed. Modern cars also have a "safety" feature where it is possible to open just the driver's door. I think the idea is that if some miscreant is chasing you, you can get in the car without them being able to climb in through another door.

Getting out isn't a problem as you do not need to unlock the doors from the inside - just operating the handle unlocks them(*). Doesn't solve the problem if emergency services are trying to open the door from the outside, but I believe many / most such cars these days have locks that automatically open in the event of (say) airbag deployment.

As for child locks, the modern method is far preferable to the old method of a lever on the door catch. With the electric locking systems I've driven recently, there's a switch somewhere to engage the child lock, so it can be disengaged by the driver when appropriate. I, too, have had a door opened by a child when driving, though in my case it was about 40mph and quite frankly the child was in no danger at all due to being - you know - strapped into a proper car seat. Any child old enough to know how to take their belt off should be old enough to be taught never to open the door unless it is safe.


(*)unless deadlocked. Auto-lock systems never deadlock doors AFAIAA, but beware of doing what I once did (but realised pretty quickly) of leaving (older) children in the car to pop over the road to a cash machine and without thinking giving the remote (would never leave the key in the ignition) the double-click which causes it to deadlock. If they *had* needed to get out, they wouldn't have been able to.

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