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Car trouble: Keyless and lockless is no match for brainless

Nick Pettefar

I rented a VW Golf and couldn't take the handbrake off because it didn't have a lever. The rental people didn't know how it worked either. I eventually gave up and changed to a car that had a normal handbrake.

I rented a Vauxhall that I couldn't turn the indicators off - it was ether left on or right on with no central off position.

There should be a law/regulation/standard for car controls. Indicator stalk here, wipers here, light switch there, handbrake lever down there, etc.

Car manufacturers are idiots.

Mind you BMW have decided to replace the High/Low lights switch on their motorbikes with a combined flash switch which is equally bonkers - I think they're sulking after finally converting to a proper indicator switch, even if it doesn't have any movement at all and feels like you're pressing something solid.

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