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Car trouble: Keyless and lockless is no match for brainless

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I get it a bit... Lights on a VW Transporter and a Ford Transit are both on a rotary knob to the right of the steering wheel, but the behaviours are different. All the way to the left in the VW is Off, on the Transit it is sparking Lights. Transit default position gives Side Lights (though I suspect this is a mis-wiring cos the dash lights aren't , and a different Transit behaves differently). Transit beeps if lights left on (except parking lights), VW is mute. VW will leave single side light on if indicator stalk not in central position.

Variations in where Reverse lives on the gear stick - top left, top left with pull up on stick, or bottom right? Keep forgetting VW doesn't have 6 speeds.

Suzuki Swift with switched position of wiper controls and indicators ... Ever time I came to a junction I'd activate the windscreen wipers.

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