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In the end, I download a Juke manual that turns out to be 4,000 pages long

If it's anything like the Honda manuals the first 3,900 pages will be safety advice and warnings. The last 100 will be largely fine apart from the 90 describing the infotainment unit which will:

* Make little to no sense most of the time.

* Describe features that either don't actually exist or don't work.

* Mix three different models of unit together so that you're never sure if you have the model being described.

Honda clearly have a thing about safety. Every time you start off you're invited to click 'Ok' to a message on the infotainment unit confirming that you are responsible if something goes wrong. If you ignore it the whole screen goes black. That would be fine except it's almost the only place the clock is visible(*). And it is still visible. Barely. Very dimly in the top right so that you can only see it at night. WTF kind of moronic software developer did that?

(*)The other place is the dashboard console if you disable cruise control. And why would anyone do that? Why does CC need 'off' and also 'disable', eh? Honda?

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