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Yes, it's notable just how many of the perpetrators of these crimes are leaning into the 'I recognize that I have a problem and am seeking help' excuse. Heaven forbid they're actually held accountable for actions that are outright criminal. No, it must be some kind of terrible disease that caused Weinstein to vigorously wank off into a plant pot at an upmarket restaurant, rather than a societal position of such overweening power that meant consequences just don't happen to people like him. Of course, if you did it, you'd be in a cell for indecent exposure like a flash, but you're not rich or powerful enough to have a 'problem'.

Also, odd that the 'problem' only becomes a problem after they're exposed; you'd have thought Harvey could have noticed at some stage in the previous 30 years that bursting into people's hotel rooms and jerking off in their shower was not a popular move and might be something to seek counseling over.

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