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Time to stock up on popcorn, I suspect.

It will be interesting to find out exactly what personal data has been vulnerable to theft; it may very well be that the organisations that have provided information to Equifax about each and every one of us have overstepped the mark on what is permissible.

I have not applied for any form of "direct" credit for over three decades, although obviously "indirect" credit (such as utility payments) don't necessarily fall into that category.

I would be horrified to find out that Equifax had my bank account or credit card details; there is no reason for them to have that information under any circumstances. All they need is my name and address (12 Coleridge Close, Climthorpe*) and that should be quite enough to identify me.

It would be very interesting to find out if anyone has provided more than is strictly necessary about me (or anyone else) post the requirements of various Data Protection legislation. And should "excess information" about me have been deleted post that date?

It could very well be that companies provided more information than was strictly necessary for a credit - checking agency to function; if that turns out to be the case I sincerely hope that they too are heavily censured.

* Actually the address of one Reginald Iolanthe Perrin

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