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So most of my space experience has come via Kerbal, but how important is being able to land your rocket? Ok, it makes for impressive videos, and avoids wet spots.. But presumably Space-X rockets are still 'recyclable' in that they'll need a fair bit of rework to reuse. Customers mostly care about reliability and cost, so virgin O-rings may be better than saying one's launched 9 times already. Plus BE-X is presumably simpler to produce, and doesn't need to launch the fuel needed to land again, which limits Space-X's payload capacity.

And if your launch needs more bass, there's potential to strap on some SRBs. That works for me in KSP, mostly. As does slapping parachutes onto bits I might want to re-use. I'm also kinda curious how the different approaches affect staging, ie needing to land a rocket vs being able to de-orbit and recover bits of rocket from the mid-Pacific at a more leisurely manner.

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