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Before the regulations for airsofting were changed to require brightly coloured components to be fitted (typically dayglo orange, yellow or pink) to new guns, the guns were extremely realistic, even down to the magazines being swappable, and almost identical to the real thing (obviously with BB pellets in rather than bullets). I could be wrong here, but I don't think that airsoft guns purchased before the change have to be retro-fitted with coloured components.

The regulations did not require them to be day-glo yellow. The VCR Act required that they be day-glo unless you were a registered skirmisher.

So whip out your Airsoft card and you can still buy a realistic all-black one. Without being a registered skirmisher you can only buy the day-glo "non-realistic" versions (which you can then fix with some matt black spray paint if you're so inclined).

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