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Continuous Lifecycle 2018: Agile pioneer Dr Linda Rising to keynote

Nick Z

It would be nice to have some papers and presentations that deal with objections to some of the things Agile proponents say.

I've been reading an Agile textbook, Introduction to Agile Methods by Sondra Ashomore and Kristin Runyan. And the authors there is say that open office environment, where everybody works in the same room close to each other, is the way to go. And they also say that managers and workers, who don't fit into the Agile environment, might need to be fired.

And this book doesn't have any references to any scientific journals from Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, or any other social science. It's all a bunch of management gurus and self-appointed experts promoting Agile ideas.

I did some googling to find out what social scientists have to say about the open office work environment. And I was surprised to see a lot of negative research findings.

I think Agile proponents need to take such objections seriously. Or else this whole movement is going to lose its credibility.

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