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even if the chance of cryonics working is only 1%

No, it's 0%, because they only freeze dead people AND the process destroys the integrity of almost all the cells.

To work at all, you'd need to have induced hibernation via chemicals & genetic manipulation. WHILE ALIVE. Then ALL your blood & other fluids quickly replaced with an oxygenated non-water fluid that would permeate all the cells and not kill you. Then you can be gradually frozen. Being already absolutely dead is too late.

1) Preserving dead people or heads is never going to work.

2) Cryogenics of mammals without modification and basically hibernation destroys too many cells. Even if they are alive.

Only people mostly dead* can be revived.

[*i.e. they may have stopped breathing and pumping blood, but otherwise enough intact to be revived, being not quite frozen may extend the period of being a little alive]

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