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Never explained

Is the benefit to the rest of humanity in reviving frozen corpses (or select bits of same).

The underlying assumption is that the most extreme damage can be reversed, the most extreme diseases cured. Effectively (probably) eternal (or at least very extended) life.

Given the population pressures that must produce, why would you want even more people on the planet, especially those with an archaic outlook and an immense sense of entitlement. Face it, if you want to be frozen and revived you think you are worthy of eternal life.

Invest your fortune to grow whilst you are dead, you say? That strategy progressively ties up more and more of the world's wealth as the richest 1% park themselves for a few decades (or centuries) and hoard all their money to use when they are thawed again. Why would the other 99% of the world tolerate such destructive selfishness?

Of course, once all the wealth has been taxed into oblivion (Trying to avoid death duties. eh?Penalties!) why would you want to revive and angry pauper with nothing to offer a world which has moved on?

A great con game. "Give me all your money and I'll wake you up when things get better. Honest I will!"

One reservation. If this was really feasible then there could be a case for certain special cases being preserved. Iain M Banks, Terry Pratchett to name just two. However this does establish a dangerous precedent.

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