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Facebook tackles race hate problem head on with programming tool

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This article must have one of the strangest headlines I've ever read on the Register. Considering the technical readership of the Register I'm sure most readers are aware of race conditions in programming so why the attempt to make it look like a story to do with racial issues?

The article even starts with what seems a really flimsy attempt to justify the headline "In Facebook's advertising business, a race condition might be construed as an ethnic descriptor used to prevent purchased ads from being displayed to a particular racial group." Now we all know that the word 'might' can be swapped out with 'might not' without really changing the meaning of the sentence so this sentence looks like it was shoe-horned in just to justify the headline.

I read the Register for the intelligent articles along with the witty and informative comments. If I want click-bait there's plenty of other websites out there to fulfil that need.

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