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was cremated. Sorry, only found out the other day, when one of my children asked about cryogenics (well, she didn't use that word, just mentioned some people who get frozen after death. So, naturally, we said: WALT DISNEY. And, to back up this claim with real evidence we went to wikipedia, what else. There, cremated. But then, the verdict comes with a tiny question mark, as the reliability of wikipedia is known (to us all) to be somewhat... questionable. To prove that, I had once gone with my daughter to edit a wikipedia page, and she did put in something silly, saved - not a trusty source, see, qed. Only that we got distracted and only remembered, a few days later, that, bugger, we didn't reverse the change, but at that point we already forgot what wikipedia page it was, of course. Pretty embarrassing. So, multiply that by a few (hundred) milion parents eager to teach their kids how unreliable wikipedia is, and there you have it. Cremated, frozen, might even be still alive. Or never existed in the first place.

A library you say? Well, they have access to the same wikipedia pages, gocha there!

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