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I'd settle for that, as long as it can wash windows too!

Me too (well, except cooking, which is a hobby round these parts). And this housebot needs to collect, wash and dry the laundry, fold it and return to storage, mow the grass and wash the car, walk the dog on rainy nights, pick up everything the kids drop all over the house.. But there's two reasons that billionaire tech titans don't work on this:

1) Most of them have a fleet of human minions to do all this already. They don't even remember having to do this sort of dross themselves.

2) They actually think the stuff they optimised (few invented) is the be-all and end-all. Look at how Zuck thinks that Facebook is the centre of the universe. Likewise Page & Brin think that flogging adverts to the world improves the place - who needs to be freed from chores? Cook & Co think that a $1,300 phone is an advance for the world.

The main man who takes some of his billions and says "let's try something completely different" is Musk. Unfortunately for you and I, Musk still suffers from problem 1, so his diversions are stuff like cars for rich people, reuseable rocket boosters, and vacuum trains. You and I will have to wait until Japanese ingenuity combined with their demographic problem gives rise to chore-bots.

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