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"Fake" News control is already here

It is easy for some people in the West to see through the words being used to describe a system in which individuals will face great difficulty in China, at least those individuals that fail to follow the party line.

At the same time people in the West cannot see through the words being used by their own leaders, business and industry to describe a similar system already in place and being expanded. The West already has many controls in place, to isolate conversations, control the masses, censor and manipulate if required.

Even this discussion is censored, moderated, controlled to ensure the messages meets acceptable standards. Posts at this site are censored because of content (rather than profanity or other reasons) and you are reading this only because this post hasn't violated whatever those content restrictions are.

In this announcement China is following a path well trampled by Western Nations, and while they may hope to push forward they are not changing the direction we are all headed. That will not change until people are able to see through the words being used by their own Nations, and while a few might our systems are self protecting and can handle ever greater awareness by individuals.

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