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Like Uber, for socialism: Chinese leader calls for more use of AI, big data and sharing economy


As for the "socialist" most countries that call themselves "socialist", I'm not sure that we in the West truly understand the meaning and implications

The meaning is straightforward enough. It is a collectivist world view, much like fascism or the human body. You probably try to avoid injury and you have an immune system, but do you really agonize over all the individual cells in your body that expire every day? Would you hesitate (presuming you had the choice) to send millions of leukocytes on a suicide mission to repel an infection? Of course not. The integrity of your body as a whole is of paramount concern and the individual living cells that make up that collective exist only to further the interests of the whole. Even the neurons forming these thoughts are disinterested in their own survival per se - they are just better protected because they are functionally more valuable.

Fascism, Nationalism and Theocracy are essentially the same, they just use different metaphors. Whenever people embrace the concept of there being something "greater than themselves" there is a tendency to try to make individuals service that "greater good".

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