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The age of six-monthly Windows Server updates starts … now!

The Original Steve

Upgrading every 6 months?! No chance. But...

I must say the new hyperconverged web UI looks very tempting...

Had some excellent results in using Win 2016 as Hypercovereged platform so far. HyperV 16 and Storage Spaces Direct are actually really quite impressive for the same price we'd pay for Win Datacenter anyway for HyperV hosts. Cost for deploying hosts and storage have gone through the floor as a result.

Where's it's been lacking has been on the management tools side of things, presumably to get people to shell out for Sys Centre which unless you have 2 years and a deep loathing for yourself, your time and your life isn't viable for all but the largest of estates. Good to see improvements in this area.

Although long term the effort to upgrade every 6 months does dilute the benefits somewhat...

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