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NBN or Telstra responsible for download speeds?

In Not happy with the NBN? You're not alone. The number of complaints has jumped 160pc there is this quote:

Dr Kay said they got better speeds from the old ADSL than with the NBN fibre to the premises. "Our download speeds can get down to 2.2 megabits a second and uploads speeds can be zero. That happens fairly regularly — it might even be daily," he said. He said every six months the whole connection dropped out, which was not just frustrating but also life threatening.

At one point, Dr Kay said his patients were calling Telstra to try and reach him, and the telco requested he give them a mobile number to reach him on. "We said no, why don't you fix the NBN? So we actually have the service we contract you to provide."

It will be interesting to see some more facts, but the first assumption has to be that erratic speeds are an RSP (Telstra?) issue.

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