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BTW thanks for noting that crime is at an all time low in Scotland.

Actual crime, "reported crime", "estimates of unreported crime" (eg the old "90% of rape cases are unreported" that is said from time to time - if they're unreported where do they get the numbers from?) or what?

Under the wonderful national government, it has become a waste of time to report car thefts, burglaries, some assaults (if you're poor, "of colour" or "of ethnic descent" (or whatever terms they use today), suspected of not being entirely straight). I know a gay guy who was assaulted in his home, the police basically told him to get stuffed, refused to take his report as he "had it coming", though that was under a previous national government.

Anyway, point is as the crime rates rise and the coppers get less "dedicated, effective police" and more "worthless pigs" (especially as recruitment standards drop), the "lesser" crimes no longer get investigated. Especially if, as in NZ there's big bonuses for certain types of convictions and little or nothing for others, then the cops want their bonuses so drop the importance of other stuff. Or lose the paperwork so said crimes go in the "was never reported" bins.

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