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Problem is to own or buy an air rifle in Scotland you now need a license, not as onerous as a firearms license but necessary nevertheless.

I strongly suspect you need to know this to get why a confused polis might have gone too far here, doubtless in ignorance about airsoft.

The question is rather why when the realised it was all a bit of fun neither they nor the Fiscal service called a halt. I doubt the defendant will get his legal costs refunded. Though at least here in Scotland having been acquitted he can request his dna to be removed from the record. In Sassenach country that will stay on the Police database in perpetuity.

In New Zealand a periodic stushie is brewing. A database of sorts for everyone born in NZ exists. At birth a heel prick of blood is blotted onto filter paper, tested for a genetic disease, labelled and stored for posterity. With sufficient reason and needing permission from a judge police can access that and genetically test it. So, if you missing in the bush, fall over a bluff or get lost and succumb to exposure and are not found for quite some time, it happens. Then the police can, if you have no kin, apply to test your baby heel prick to see if the body is yours. It has been used to see if blood spots at a supposed crime scene matched missing people (they didn't).

Not quite an online searchable database but an accessible data store nevertheless.

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