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That's odd, I find mine understands me fine, given that I speak with what people tell me is a 'posh' British accent (it really isn't, there is a huge difference, but granted, it's less than between me and say, scouser) that has always been notoriously difficult for voice recognition to pick up on for some reason, but I also tend to mumble a lot, even if I speak to my phone.

The only concessions I make to my phone are in training it to respond to an odd intonation for the "OK Google" activation - to minimise it accidentally recognising something else, and a raised voice, because 99% of the time I will use it is while in the car, and decent signal to noise is hard to come by when the phone is mounted, picking up all the road/engine noise through vibrations and the air rushing past from the vent it is mounted to.

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