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My experience is the exact opposite. It's much fast for most things.

OK google turn on all the lights.

OK google watch Netflix

OK google watch Narcos on Netflix (knows the last episode and starts the correct followup)

OK google play my thumbs up playlist.

(wife asks) OK google play MY thumbs up playlist, it plays hers.

OK google read the news - plays the latest BBC news headlines.

Given I picked up mine for £70 and it came with 3 months of Google Music, mine is an absolute pleasure to own. The fact it integrates with my Harmony remote and I can create my own commands (and shortcuts to those commands , for example OK Google Watch iPlayer will be serviced as a shortcut to OK Google Ask Harmony to watch iplayer)

Of course if your end user is a clueless cretin, it's not going to work for you, and perhaps a job in tech media is not really your ideal destination...

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