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Re: Bullshit science - Human activity responsible for 3% of CO2 - Why would they hoax us, you ask?

ACK on the title.

From the article: In other words, our planet's temperature changes are linked to the Sun and the seas, and not necessarily manmade, in Bridenstine's mind.

And in MY mind. And in REALITY.

From the article: He doesn't outright deny climate change is happening, just that it may not be the fault of our fossil-fuel mania, air travel, and so on.

It's because the alleged mechanism, CO2, can't work if you know even the SLIGHTEST amount of fact concerning its real effect on Earth temperatures. The mechanism for a greenhouse gas is infrared absorption. CO2's absorption spectrum is PATHETIC when you compare it to IR black body energies associated with temperatures actually FOUND on the earth. CO2 is also at equilibrium, and like anything at equilibrium, shifting the production or depletion rate on one side of the equation causes a large shift in the depletion or production rate on the OTHER side. Translation, you could pour MEGAtons of CO2 into the atmosphere, and it would cause rain, and it would precipitate out in the ocean and become a layer on the sea floor.

From the article: Meanwhile, on NASA's own website you can find data showing human civilization has likely had a profound effect on our world's climate.

2 words: FAKE NEWS [not doubting it's there, it's just that NASA was engaging in FAKE NEWS]

OK I'd bet ACTUAL MONEY on THIS one: 1900 - cold. 1935 - warm. 1970 - cold [iced over puddles in San Jose]. 2005 - warm. 2040 - COLD. each of these numbers is 35 years apart. This is an obvious trend. See how obvious it is? guess what's going to happen in 2040? It's gonna be COLD. That "massive warming" from 1970-ish to mid 2000's, the "hockey stick" on AlGore's chart, was the upswing of a NORMAL CYCLE. And guess what has happened since the "noughties" - NO WARMING, THAT'S WHAT! It's _PREDICTABLE_, and I have PREDICTED it, using REAL STATISTICS, REAL SCIENCE, and NO BULLSHIT.

So I'm very HAPPY that the Trump administration is putting someone in charge of NASA that is a "climate change" REALIST - not "denier", not "skeptic", but REALIST. Because REALITY is that it ain't happening like the Chicken Little Doom/Gloom AlGore cult says it is. It's NOTHING. NOTH-ING. And _I_ should not have _MY_ freedoms curbed, energy prices increased, economy threatened, or SIZE OF GUMMINT INCREASED, to "solve" something that is _NOT_ _THERE_.

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