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Re: erm isn't this what law enforcement is for?

"A large fraction of those who end up doing it in real life do require extensive psychological and psychiatric councelling later on - even when the person they killed has been trying to kill them."

not me - I'd make sure they stared right into my eyeballs as I stare into theirs, watching the life drain away. I'm the last thing they'd see on the way to HELL.

[THAT, by the way, makes me a *HARD* *TARGET* - meaning I'm in the house they avoid, or the person they avoid on the street or in a crowd - the one who FIGHTS BACK]

Sorry, I can't by into your "prey animal" kind of thinking. I think like a predator. A self-disciplined predator who doesn't kill without reason. And I spent time in the military, and have been prepared to take a life in self-defense [or defense of others] since then. No problem.

The point is *TO* fight back. Make it hard for the criminal. Even if you're passive-aggressive about it, it's still fighting back. I prefer "active aggressive". And *revenge* is a GOOD thing. enough people do it, and you see crime go WAY down, because their's now a PENALTY [potentially] for the bad behavior.

[this is not how SHEEPLE think. This is how men with BIG BALLS think.]

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