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Pulitzer-winning website Politifact hacked to mine crypto-coins in browsers

The Dogs Meevonks

What could have been a good idea... was immediately pounced upon, abused and misused by anyone who thought they could earn a few extra $£.

As such it's now considered nothing more than malware by almost everyone who understands it... and if you're not blocking scripts already... perhaps this is the wake up call you need to start doing so.

It's not 'dodgy' sites that are using this kind of malware, 3rd party vendors are injecting it into more popular sites that are deemed 'more respectable'... I say 3rd party... because that's who always gets blamed when these things are discovered.,, But who knows for certain... 'we got hacked' is heard all to often to cover up any blunder or fuck up... it's the IT equivalent of crying wolf.

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