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US Congress mulls first 'hack back' revenge law. And yup, you can guess what it'll let people do

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Re: erm isn't this what law enforcement is for?

I'd be all for THAT. As an extra added bonus, the law contains liability insurance, so if you destroy some innocent person's computer, you have to pay for it. No biggee. It's the same if you shoot the wrong person. You're liable for that, too.

Bob, could you please let us know where you live, so that we all can avoid getting within 200 miles of that place - at least, not without body armour and heavily armed guard?

And shooting or otherwise killing a person is a "biggie" for most psychiatrically healthy people, regardless of whether that person is a criminal or an innocent bystander. Most people who have, or might have to do so require extensive training to be able to do it at all. A large fraction of those who end up doing it in real life do require extensive psychological and psychiatric councelling later on - even when the person they killed has been trying to kill them. It gets much worse when killing is unintended or accidental - many people placed in that situation never fully recover.

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