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"how in God's name is an individual or and other entity going to bring about a legitimate counter-hack result."

it's been done before [locating the perp]. An enterprising and intelligent operator of a router system did it once, back in the 90's. I can't recall his name, but he got the FBI involved because he was seeing some really unusual activity... and as it turned out, it was someone trying to crack into gummint computers, if I remember correctly.

Someone at an ISP could assist a company in doing the same thing, or if you have your own routers [that can display the right kind of info], you could do it yourself.

even WireShark can be very helpful.

auto-redirect routing to a honeypot server - even better. make it nice and sweet. download that trojan, yeah! let it phone home, and we'll see who you REALLY are! back-door THAT machine, looks for back doors already there, and keep digging until you find the perp. chances are, he's not protecting himself very well... thinking "TOR" will anonymize him. Uh, huh... and then you examine his facebook cookie, his twitter cookie, his microsoft login cookie, ...

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