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most people understand the 'joe job' problem. I've been Joe-jobbed a couple of times. Fortunately the web service that handles domain e-mails added the ability to put the correct MX DNS info records in place to specify which servers are authorized to send e-mail for the domain, and I haven't seen it happen since.

in one joe-job case that I allegedly heard about, the alleged perps allegedly had an alleged server running in an alleged country that is well known for having compromised servers and NOT responding to alleged abuse reports because alleged mail service was filtering the abuse reports as "spam". Allegedly. And it allegedly had the usual "fake rolex" and "fake handbag" web sites on it. And it allegedly got flooded with specially crafted (not illegal) HTTP requests that shut it down for a significant amount of time (allegedly exploiting a bug in the way they were re-directing via the "probably compromised" web server), on multiple occasions, with "stop joe jobbing XXX" allegedly being PROMINENT in the logs, allegedly. Yeah, no retaliation THERE, right?

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