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Well, one drawback I can see is that crypto-mining up is extremely energy intensive. That's not so much an issue wrt batteries, if you could opt out temporarily. But it would be an issue if it was massively scaled up - we need to find ways to reduce our energy footprint, not increase it.

Re. unexplained downvotes - worrying about that ain't hugely constructive, as any stroll through Stackoverflow meta will attest.

Though I won't claim my proposal has much practical merit - and hopefully its drawbacks motivate those downvotes - I will say that there is also a strong sense of entitlement threaded through many readers and users of internet publications and services - "don't charge, don't advertise, be grateful for my, non-paying, patronage and be wary of my vocal wrath or criticism should you ever want to monetize, fairly or not. Or change the service in a way that does not suit my, non-paying, use cases ".

That extends to many users of free software and music too. ;-)

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