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I suggested this in another thread about this a day or two ago. I think sites could do this and be above board about it, and people would accept it. I'd much rather they waste my CPU time on something that pays them directly, than waste my CPU on annoying flashing autostart video ads. Or would waste my CPU time on annoying flashing autostart video ads if I wasn't running with an adblock.

I run with an adblock because the ads are annoying, but even if there was a "mining blocker" I wouldn't run with that so long as they were respectful and limited themselves to one thread that ran in the background while I was on their site, and would shut itself off when I switched off that tab or otherwise switched focus to something else. Then I'm paying them while I'm reading/posting on their site, and they don't have to worry about advertisers trying to control their content, shady ad networks, and so forth.

This is a win/win as far as I'm concerned. Maybe a viable micropayment system that replaces online ads is the killer app for cryptocoin mining?

Not sure why you got the downvotes on this, if people have an objection I wish they'd state it rather than doing a drive by downvote.

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