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Considering how many people don't tell anyone about these incidents for many, many years I don't think I can blame her for not telling anyone. Maybe she wanted to, but she was scared she won't be believed and nothing good will come from it. To go through the trial would be highly stressful and if he doesn't get convincted, if your career is down the drain then what was the point of speaking up. I mean, it didn't go well for anyone speaking up about Saville.

My mum, now 50, was abused by her own (late) father in her young age and we only found out about it a few years ago. Even my father didn't know until my sister convinced her to tell. Should she have told her mum? That witch wouldn't have even believed her. How do I know? Because my gran's father was abusive and she wouldn't even believe her neice, despite my mum saying the same.

That said, I don't think it is fair to publicly name alleged rapists until there's a high chance of evidence against them, otherwise an innocent person could have their life ruined. Does that contradict what I said about my grandfather despite not being able to defend himself? I always thought he was a prick and my sister thought he was a perve so I have no reason to believe he wasn't.

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