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"SSD pricing is still falling."

ONLY at the low end where the market is saturated. At the higher end (the over 1TB realm), prices are still way too high to compete with rust. Show me a 4TB SSD drive for around $300 (speed is not an object at these sizes) and you'll have my attention. Plus consider that flash is rushing headlong and will soon hit physical obstacles of its own. The shrinking die sizes forced a move to 3D NAND, but even that has limits once you try for like 128 layers.

"HDD pricing is not"

Yes they are, actually. Just a year ago, $100 got you 2, maybe 3TB of external storage on the outside, and $200 perhaps got you 4TB. Now, you can get a self-powered 4TB external drive for $100, and 6TB drives are appearing at the $200 mark. As one who is forced to use external hard drives as a backup medium (for lack of alternatives), I pay attention to this stuff.

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