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Twitter: Why we silenced Rose McGowan after she slammed alleged sex pest Harvey Weinstein

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

The thing I struggle to understand is how many high profile actresses have since come forwards - Angelina Jolie, etc. and for just how long this guy was predatory towards women.

Casting Couch Tales are nothing new and, though we may be reluctant to admit it, sexist and unwanted sexual behaviour, like casual racism, was the norm even just a few decades ago and more tolerated than it is now. It really was a man's world back then, and was worse the further back we go.

That is not to excuse it, and while some of what Weinstein appears to have done may fall under being the norm for the time, it appears an awful lot amounts to sexual assault and intimidation, and it continued long after 'it's the norm' could even be considered an excuse.

Give anyone the power to decide the future and fate of others and there will be an opportunity to exploit by those who hold that power. Few will have the courage to speak out and risk having their lives ruined, especially when society chooses to see the perpetrators as beyond guilt, effectively protects them.

What we are seeing is an increasing intolerance to abuse of power; whether that be movie moguls, those in office, the police or other institutions, and long may that continue.

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