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@ Sitaram Chamarty

"Just deleted the dilbert feed from my RSS reader. I absolutely love Dilbert but not at this price"

So you will stop enjoying something you enjoy because the creator has a personal opinion you dont like? You might want to stop using almost everything as finding 2 people who agree on everything is not an easy task at all.

I dont understand the growing intolerance nor the excessive overreaction and tantrum approach to life. Do you ask the political beliefs of the servers at a restaurant before you eat there? Or coffee shop? Who the hell cares? I am sure you hold beliefs that others would disagree with, and if they said to you 'well I aint gonna invite you for dinner any more' are you really gonna give a hoot at all? No.

I dont care if you do or dont delete dilbert from your RSS feed (first world problems eh) but I seriously hope you are not representative of the majority of people in this country. And I severely hope you are still in school/college to think self harm for someone elses personal thoughts/beliefs is clever (at least enough to announce publicly).

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