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This is a bit embarassing

I feel rather like the judge who asked 'Who are the Beatles' - I seem to be so far out of touch with modern 'culture' that I have no idea who most of these people mentioned are. From the news headlines, Weinstein is obviously some sort of movie mogul, but most of the people he tried it on with are just names. Some I've heard of, most I haven't. Even the ones I've heard of, I'd have trouble naming any film they've been in (and that's not just my poor memory)

I see posters and reviews for new movies, but most just don't rock my boat. Is this a reflection on the quality of the films being made, or my changing tastes? I don't know.

Someone on the radio yesterday read out the names of the people in the next Celebrity BB (see - I know that's shorthand for Big Brother) - I'd never heard of any of them. Maybe I need to spend more time on Mail Online and less on El Reg.

Time to go and watch that Quiet Man DVD again...

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