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I explained why concerns over patent quality are so significant.

As I said that argument was used 11 ago, one year before the new policy was enforced. I guess than 10 years after we can have data instead of insinuations, can't we? So, 10 years after, did the legal challenges rise or not? In what proportion? Or is it just FUD?

here are some links to previous articles

The articles you mention say that actions are intended against EPO, but they don't mention the results of these actions. There's a principle relating to Justice: everyone should be considered innocent before being proven guilty. So if EPO management has been condemned it proves your point: has it been? How many condemnations, how many acquittals?

I know some public offices and companies which are paralyzed because a union holds the power there, blocking any change and acting with tactics the Camora would be proud of: harassment, persecutions, false accusations and so on.

I do not know if it is the case in EPO, and I won't be able to know it with El Reg's articles which always side with SUEPO against management. We never hear here about the arguments of the other side, but just have again and again accusations against management. 121 articles on the subject for FFS, about something which is really barely IT related!

EPO has a budget of ~ €2,000,000,000/year, mostly paid by States' contributions, for an administrative work and for a goal which can be morally disputed, because one could argue that all patents are theft. Asking such an agency being efficient does not seem to be an absolute scandal.

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