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Sorry but I hate to break it to you but twitter has no profanity filter or otherwise, there are no real time monitors and verses number of users there are very few moderators.

To get your account blocked you have to come up on the moderators radar, this is probably achieved by number of people marking your post offensive or spam being say greater than 1000, so ask yourself do we think her tweet about "W" got lots of complaints? No.

Therefore twatter had someone working on the "W" case to try and limit bad tweets however it has back fired so now they have a nice excuse of a phone number. Use your head, do you really think a Hollywood actress is stupid enough to post someones phone number and even if she did who is going to notice in twatters moderation team?

If you look a little closer at society things like this point to an elite where money, power and influence does a lot of talking on social media.

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